Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stairs to Heaven

Which stairs' shapes and forms are possible nowadays - or should I rather ask - which are not possible?
No links, no bolts, no rails - this is what the minimalism propose to us.
What if we like a safe staircase? We can transform a prop into a piece of art, giving the stairs the lightweight and letting the light go through. Sometimes, specially in the small double floor apartments painting the stairs in white will immediately give a fresh, modern look to the house. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Meanwhile, what is going on upstairs?
Do you need a lot to change a storage space into a cozy place? Not at all! Just a good plan, professional team and some wood.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Xmas Inspirations

Christmas Without Red:

1. KaiGami Lamp
2. Metallic snowflake Christmas pillow
3. Felt decorations, Hema
4. Wooden Christmas Tree
5. BoConcept, sofa Milos
6. Rendeer, Zilverstad


Almost Weekend!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wood + Water

Today I wanted to draw your attention to a subject that has as many likes as dislikes among people.
I connect a wooden floor in the bathroom straight with a Scandinavian design, fancy sauna and happy people. Wood is material that needs spacial preparation and care to resist in the moist areas, as well in- and outside.
If you want to add a natural touch to your bathroom space without leaving the modern design style, this sophisticated  wooden accents could be your choice.
It is recommended while deciding for this material to get a proper finish and advice on maintenance to extend the lifetime to the maximum.
For those who are still against - don't forget there are already ceramic tails imitating wood!

Ebano by It bagno bandini, Italy

Ofuro bath by Rapsel

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lights Time

And finally it is - December and Christmas time arrived. The streets ale full of lights and huge Christmas trees shown up on every corner. Engaging month despite the greyish season and luck of sun.
Today I want to shear with some Light Inspirations. The darkness seems to be most beautiful background for them. What a pendant lamp means for a daily interior besides lightening the space? Sometimes it can be a masterpiece.

by mobiliawoonstudio

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Textile Arts

I have already mentioned about the phenomenon of those fabrics but today I wanted to share with you how much of inspiration this can give in the daily interior design. Totally amazed by those colors, patterns and most of all by the softness which they add to the raw, bright and monochromatic Scandinavian interiors. At the moment my favorite is graphic named Hetkia.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Beautiful Finland

Spending couple of days in the lovely city Helsinki we were discovering the beginning of the modernist Scandinavian design. Visit to the Alvar Aalto house and studio gave us a proper background for all others exhibitions. Technical University and the Hospital of this architect were not a question mark anymore but a consequent dialog between the light, white, wood, and the form. Shopping in the finish Marimekko woke up the need for patterns, colors and fabrics in the interiors.. Marimekko fabrics have some of the brightest and boldest prints in the world. They are just amazing to look at and whether you love colors or not you certainly will find something that suits you. Of course we could not resist a small souvenir from colorful iittala glass!

Those tree words are the reason to come back to Helsinki again for more inspiration. At the moment we can tell you the story how it was...

Walking slowly to the exhibitions area close to the harbor we fond lamps that are filling interior with color and soul. In the second plain you can see also Aalto's lamp. Helsinki is proud about their architect, you can notice that on every corner of the street..

White everywhere!

Although it is not winter yet this inspiration taken from Norm Architects reminds me about my love to white. No other color can better express the light and space. Warm beige gives a finish touch to this composition.
Fredensborg by Norm Architects
Fredensborg by Norm Architects

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